Hello Potential, I Am Resistance

Hello Potential, I am Resistance

If I could follow my intuition, I could be my highest potential…

Dear Intuition,

Can I connect with you? Is it possible for me to stop sabotaging us?  By us, I mean you the connection to the Source of consciousness, and I the earthly ego.  I sense that you have a map to a purposeful life, which is intended for me.  I’d like to not be a roadblock on that journey.  What is the journey?

I sense that there are many possible journeys, with many possible maps, and that no matter which journey I end up on, you’ll guide me to what is ultimately in my best interest.

You’ve already done some amazing things for us, especially when I don’t resist.

There is conflict between us.  I think it comes from my seeming inability to rise to your level.  You’re virtuous, you’re love, your ubiquitous.  I am kind, I’m selfish, and sometimes I’m stuck.  Could I take your hand and let you guide us?  Can I take your compassionate, all-knowing hand, and follow you into the world which is intended for us to experience, in its entirety.  I’d like to surrender to you; to devote my life’s work to you, both macro and micro-moments – to you.  For I am mortal.  I am human.  I have weaknesses, fears, stubbornness, and pride.  Through your sacred love and knowingness, I could expand my consciousness and connect with all that is amazing, if only I could release all resistance.

Please forgive me for the times I don’t rise to the occasion and execute your will.

Forgive me for not following you as you intend to lead me out of the shadows and into the light.  I take responsibility for the times I don’t fulfill my highest potential.  After all, it’s been my conscious actions betraying you.  It has been my resistance, and sometimes blatant refusal, to align my actions with your intentions.  With that said, there is a third role in this equation.  You see, it isn’t just you (intuition) and me (current ego).  The third entity is ego-over-time.  Historic ego if you will.

Historic ego has been with us for quite some time.  All of life perhaps, except for maybe very early childhood years.  Historic ego has sometimes been our friend.  Other times it’s only disguised as our friend, but is actually keeping me from connecting to you.  It’s separated us, intentionally.  In that way, historic ego is unjust, unloving, and untrue.  It’s a tricky one though because it portrays itself as my friend. Someone who wants me to remain safe, unhurt, and feel content.  Even when there is a misalignment between you and me, historic ego reassures me I’m safe to stay with it, instead of you.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to forgo the historic ego?  Does it even have a place in our heart?


Ali M


From Intuition:

Dear Ali,

The historic ego has got you this far, with my guidance.  It’s allowed you to journey to this connection with me, right now.  It isn’t your enemy.  It too has a purpose.  You are the connection between historic ego and me.

It’s up to you, not me nor historic ego, to synchronize micro and macro actions and thoughts with that which is truth and love.

Historic ego, and ego as it is today, are both esoteric.  And as I know, as we know, the awareness that is truly you, is not esoteric.  It is universal.  You are one special piece of the larger consciousness.  Release yourself from the small, secluded, esoteric mindset of the ego.  Release the bull shit your historic ego gives you.  Release the mental clutter your ego and historic ego feeds you.  Let it come, don’t entertain it, and let it pass.  You let it pass because I am with you.  I will protect you.  I will guide you with my compassionate hand, into the larger embodiment of love.  Of truth.  You are precious.  You deserve support, powerful loving energies, and results which you desire.  They’re already yours to be had.  Follow me.  Trust me.  Align with me.


Aligned Intuition

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How to stop resisting the call to grow, and start living the life you dream of.

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How to stop resisting the call to grow, and start living the life you dream of.

Identify the unique ways your Inner-Resistance holds you back, and build your Big Vision to overcome them, own your own, for free.

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